The Trade Off-Friday Fictioneer

Here’s another Friday Fictioneer prompt thanks to Madison Woods. Go check out her site and all the other participants.


Wildflowers bloomed along the path. He smiled. She loved flowers.

A happy little tune whistled out of his lips as he continued along the dirt trail, posies clutched in his hand.

She was going to be so happy with him this time.

He rounded the corner and found the marker. Kneeling in front of it, he placed the flowers on the ground. “Hello sweetheart. Did you miss me?”

The air wavered behind the stone and the portal opened. “Yes I did. ” She cooed, phosphorescent wings shimmering in the sun as her lily-white skin glistened. “Come to me lover.”

She spread her arms wide and he walked willingly into her embrace. A few years of his mortal life a small price to pay for the ecstasy she’d provide today.


Eruption-Friday Fictioneers

Photo credit belongs to Douglas McIlroy

Look what I found! Okay, it’s new to me. Go over to Madison Woods site and check out the Friday Fictioneers, one picture  to flog one hundred words of creativity out of your flesh. Here’s my take:

Many looked upon her, seeing only the frigid outer shell. Deceived, they failed to see within. Fiery and hot, her blood boiled. Blessed with a molten core, under the proper circumstances, she erupted to create.

Heat. Flame. Burning. The ashes serving as soil, creating anew.

Her flanks were wide, curvaceous, all the better to bring forth life. The process glorious, tumultuous.

On the volcano’s peak, she turned to her lover, knowing he saw her as such.

A pup tent, sleeping bag and one incredible eruption later…and life was formed anew.

Here we go again…

There’s a first time for everything, and a second, and a third…. Well you get the picture.

All I have to say is this really sucks! Reinventing ones self is never an easy task and in today’s social media rich landscape, it becomes both simple and incredibly effing hard at the same time.

Oh well, at least the book’s almost done… Anyone for a Sci-Fiction erotic romance? Coming to an E-reader near you very soon.